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Why dialogue in politics?

Why dialogue in politics?

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Kenneth ClokeCenter for Dispute Resolution, Los Angeles

Keywords: mediation, conciliation, dispute resolution, arbitration

Abstract: In thinking about how to discuss political differences, the essayist Isaiah Berlin offered a useful way forward, proposing that we regard political ideas, rhetoric and communications as ‘inherently un-philosophical’, in the sense that they are based on values over which people naturally disagree because they flow from dissimilar interests, orientations and experiences, and therefore on entirely different sets of facts.

Author Biography: 

Kenneth Cloke is director of the Center of Dispute Resolution, and a mediator, arbitrator, consultant, and trainer, specialising in resolving multiparty conflicts and designing dispute resolution system for organisations. He holds BA and JD degrees from the University of California at Berkeley, and PhD and LLM degrees from UCLA. He did post-doctoral work at Yale, is a graduate of the National Judicial College, and teaches at Pepperdine University, Southern Methodist University, Saybrook University and USC. He is a founder and first president of Mediators Beyond Borders. His most recent book is Politics, Dialogue and the Evolution of Democracy: How to Discuss Race, Abortion, Immigration, Gun Control, Climate Change, Same Sex Marriage and Other Hot Topics (GoodMedia Press, 2018).

Publication Date:  22 October 2018

Citation: Cloke, K. (2018). Why dialogue in politics?. Mediation Theory and Practice3, 19–33.

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