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Effective Mediation Advocacy - Student Edition

Effective Mediation Advocacy - Student Edition

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Andrew Goodman’s third and latest version of the classic text on mediation advocacy has been adapted into this student edition.

It is essential reading for students seeking to develop skills in representing parties at mediation, and to improve their competition skills.

With forewords by the Rt Hon Lord Dyson MR and Irena Vanenkova, executive director of the International Mediation Institute, and with appendices covering relevant European legislation, the new SCMA Mediation Advocacy Standards and the IMI’s own practical tools for mediator selection and case management, this work is both an authoritative guide and a practical skills manual for students from many backgrounds.

“ It provides the clearest possible grounding in the skills and practice of mediation, and the role of the advocate throughout the mediation process. It is compendious in scope and thoroughly practical in its advice. It should be seen to be the pre-eminent guide to practitioners who wish to develop and hone the specialist skills required of effective mediation advocates.” Lord Justice Dyson, Foreword


As the sector has developed, so this ground-breaking work has been expanded to cover recent authorities and new ideas and to take in the assistance practitioners can obtain from such organisations as SCMA, AMATI and IMI who have endorsed the work.

Contents include

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TEN RULES for Effective Negotiation within Mediation Buy Section

Mediation and the Role of the Advocate Buy Section

The Lawyer's Decision to Mediate Buy Section

Choosing a Mediator Buy Section

Glossary of Common Mediation Terms Buy Section 

The Pre-Mediation Process: Venue, Documentation, Attendees Buy Section

The Pre-Mediation Process: Client Conference, Building the BATNA and Preparing for the Mediation Buy Section

The Mediation Agreement and the Role of the Lawyer Buy Section

Working with the Mediator: Pre-Mediation Buy Section

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