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The Mediator's Tale : The CEDR Story of Better Conflicts

The Mediator's Tale : The CEDR Story of Better Conflicts

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Written to celebrate the 30th anniversary of CEDR's emergence as the world's leading independent disputes consultancy, The Mediator's Tale: The CEDR Story of Better Conflicts captures the experience of two leading internationally renowned mediators - and married couple - Eileen Carroll and Karl Mackie. Sharing their personal and professional insights into how we can achieve better conflict management in our professional and personal lives, they highlight key insights into how mediation delivers results, and lessons for conflicts generally. The book:

  • Tells the story of how a young lawyer and a leading academic 'had the courage and sheer guts' necessary to create disruptive change and persuade the legal profession and its clients to embrace mediation
  • Provides advisers and mediators with in-depth explanations for getting results from negotiation and independent intervention
  • Shows how to build trust and make emotional connections while building momentum for settlement
  • Highlights the role of women as conflict resolvers and as early pioneers in conflict resolution, and the links between conflict and diversity - 'What people often mean by getting rid of conflict is getting rid of diversity'
  • Explores the reasons interventions fail and how to avoid failure Illuminates the international development of mediation and its reach into justice systems, human rights, investor-state disputes and international arbitration
  • Outlines leadership skills that will put you in the top 1% of people able to deal with conflict.

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