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The Expert Witness

The Expert Witness

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Jean Graham-Hall; Gordon Smith

The principal aim of this classic book is to provide guidance and encouragement for the expert who is a newcomer to personal participation in legal proceedings in his or her professional role. "book is intended to fulfil: not to furnish grist for the intense analysis of recondite issues, but to give professionals without extensive experience of the adversarial way of resolving disputes a practical introduction to the problems which they are likely to face, and to the ways in which they should prepare for and perform their various functions. As such it fills a real need." Lord Mustill, Foreword 


  • Emergence of the Expert Witness
  • Access to Justice Report
  • Appointment of Experts
  • The Written Report of the Expert Witness
  • Outline of Civil Proceedings
  • Outlines of Civil and Criminal Court Hearings
  • Rules of Evidence
  • Hearsay Evidence
  • The Expert in the Witness Box
  • The Expert Witness as Advocate
  • Expert Witnesses in Arbitration Cases
  • Liability of the Expert Witness
  • Terms of Appointment
  • The Psychiatrist and the Mental Health Review Tribunal
  • The Integrity of the Expert Witness

A judge and a surveyor have collaborated to produce a book of real practical use: invaluable for any expert.

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