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Taking Control of Goods

Taking Control of Goods

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Enforcement agents, their instructors and court users chasing debts need to understand the law of enforcement.

The third edition was required in response to a major change in the legislation relating to enforcement of debt by seizure of goods by bailiffs in the UK. The Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 (TCEA) has substantially reformed the law and all practitioners in the field will require a revised handbook. As s.65(1) of the Act says, all previous common law rules on the exercise of powers are replaced by the powers created by Sch.12 of the Act. Much of the existing case authority and principles on these issues are replaced by a statutory code for those debts covered by the new Act.

John Kruse is the leading authority on practice and history of enforcement. This book is well structured and steeped in knowledge of the practice and the history of this specialist field.


  • Forms of enforcement and enforcement agent
  • Licensing of bailiffs
  • Codes and Regulators
  • Insolvency and Taking Control of Goods
  • Preventing and Postponing Seizure
  • Issuing Seizure
  • Initial Visits
  • Taking Control of Goods
  • Goods
  • Payment, Removal and Sale
  • Charges
  • Remedies for Wrongful Taking

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