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Setting Up in Business as a Mediator

Setting Up in Business as a Mediator

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You want to be a mediator, but how do you get started? How do you build your business? How do you make money from being a full-time mediator?

Setting Up in Business as a Mediator provides you with the answers to these questions. Whether new to mediation and wanting to start a business as a full-time mediator, or an experienced mediator wanting to develop and grow an existing business, Setting Up in Business as a Mediator has hands-on advice for every stage of a mediator's career and is full of essential information on how mediators can get started in business and grow their existing practice.

Restructured, revised and fully updated the new 2nd edition shows:- How to become accredited- How to find a market- The secrets of a good profile- Hints for great blogging- How to set up a website- The best times to tweet- What not to post on LinkedIn and Facebook- How to overcome objections and rejectionPacked with helpful tips and guidance, checklists, self-audits, templates, scripts and real life examples, this book aims to get mediators thinking, prompting answers to the following questions, and more:- Why are they doing mediation?- How many mediations a year do they want to be doing in three years' time?- How much money, time and effort do they need to invest to get there?- What do they need to charge?- Why would they choose themselves as a mediator?

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