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Negotiation, Identity and Justice : Pathways to Agreement

Negotiation, Identity and Justice : Pathways to Agreement

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New April 2023

This volume presents contributions made by Daniel Druckman on the topics of negotiation, national identity, and justice. Containing research conducted and published over a half century, the volume is divided into seven thematic parts that cover: the multifaceted career, flexibility in negotiation, values and interests, turning points, national identity, and process and outcome justice. It rounds off with a reflective and forward-looking conclusion.

Each part is prefaced with an introduction that highlights the chapters to follow. The chapters comprise empirical, theoretical, and state-of-the-art articles. These essays offer an array of research approaches, which include experiments, simulations, and case studies, with topics ranging from boundary roles and turning points in negotiation to nationalism and war, and the way that research is used in skills training for diplomats and in the development of government policies.

In addition, the book provides rare glimpses of behind-the-scenes networks, sponsors, and events, with personal stories that also make evident that there is more to a career than what appears in print. The articles chosen for inclusion are a small set of the total number of career publications by the author but are the ones that made a substantial impact in their respective fields. The concluding section looks back at how the author's career connects to classical ideas and the value of an evidence-based approach to scholarship and practice.

It also looks forward to directions for future research in six areas. This book will be of considerable interest to students of international negotiation, conflict resolution, security studies, and international relations.

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