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Mediation Behaviour : Why We Act Like We Do

Mediation Behaviour : Why We Act Like We Do

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Logical or psycho-logical? Which are we when making decisions and negotiating at mediation?We go to mediation to make peace yet prepare for war. Why? What makes us self-sabotage?Learn which behaviours are obstacles to settlement and how to overcome them. Find out how to apply the latest research in neuroscience, behavioural economics and psychology to achieve better outcomes.

Our heads, hearts and guts - which should we use and when? More than an update and discussion of the latest research findings, Mediation Behaviour: Why We Act Like We Do is experience-based and using that shows how to resolve disputes successfully and cost-effectively. Written from the point of the view of mediators, disputing parties, their advisers and representatives, this new title: Investigates the role of emotions, cognitive biases and intuitions in our mediation behaviour Identifies the behaviours that are barriers to settlement and the ones that are bridges to settlement Shows how they affect the six mediation fundamentals: self, money, power, fairness, truth and trust Explains how to be better at negotiation, risk analysis and persuasion Looks in detail at the psychology of offers - how to make them and how to reject them Explores how mediating online changes the way we do things.

This book is an indispensable resource for mediators, advocates, representatives - both lawyers and non-lawyers - clients, experts, and anyone involved in conflict and conflict management.

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