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Mediation Advocacy : Representing and Advising Clients in Mediation

Mediation Advocacy : Representing and Advising Clients in Mediation

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Are you getting the best out of mediation? Written by an active practising mediator, Mediation Advocacy: Representing and Advising Clients in Mediation takes you inside the mediation process, from the initial consideration of mediation to settlement and beyond. Drawing on current practical experience and the latest behaviour research in clear readable language it deals with the legal, financial, psychological and practical dimensions of mediation. A 'how to do it' guide for anyone attending mediations as representatives, clients, experts or mediators, the fully revised, restructured and updated Second Edition includes:- New chapters on:-- Cross cultural issues - what to say and do and what not to say and do.

With examples that you can use-- Online Mediation - explains the differences when mediating by phone or via a video link. Tips and tricks to help you get started-- Developing your practice as a mediation advocate: people are making money as specialists. Learn how to do it- Increased emphasis on how to conduct a negotiation in mediations- Expanded chapters on mind traps and the effect of cognitive biases on decision-making- New material on how to speak and present at mediations.

Includes exercises to put you in the right mental and physical state on the day- Improved visuals and flow charts- Worked examples of risk analysis- Updated scripts for advocates and clients to use in joint sessions- Dedicated sections on self-advocacy - for those who are going to mediation without their lawyer.

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