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Mediation Advocacy Nigeria Edition

Mediation Advocacy Nigeria Edition

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"This Nigerian Edition of the Mediation Advocacy publication is a welcome intervention in the evolution of our dispute resolution ju­risprudence ... Professor Andrew Goodman's text has made its debut at a critical time in the history of our Judiciary and its promise will no doubt influence the course of ADR growth in a remarkably positive way. For one, it will promote the inter-disciplinary practice of mediation advocacy and create a corps of mediation promoters and advisors to take the movement to the next level. indeed the much desired 'culture' change in dispute resolution now appears  within arms' grasp."
Hon. Justice Opcycmi 0. Oke, Judge of the High Court of Lagos State, Chairman of the Governing Council of the LMDC
This edition of Andrew Goodman’s original and popular work on mediation advocacy is essential reading for Nigerian practitioners both seeking to develop a specialisation in representing parties at mediation, and to add value to their existing practice. Using the core skills and techniques that are at the heart of the UK edition, the book draws on Nigerian experiences and procedures.
With forewords by the Rt Hon Lord Dyson MR and Irena Vanenkova, executive director of the International Mediation Institute, and with appendices covering relevant European legislation, the new SCMA Mediation Advocacy Standards and the IMI’s own practical tools for mediator selection and case management, this work is both an authoritative guide and a practical skills manual for newcomers to this area and experienced advocates alike.

“ It provides the clearest possible grounding in the skills and practice of mediation, and the role of the advocate throughout the mediation process. It is compendious in scope and thoroughly practical in its advice. It should be seen to be the pre-eminent guide to practitioners who wish to develop and hone the specialist skills required of effective mediation advocates.”

Lord Justice Dyson, Foreword to the UK edition.

This Nigerian edition is sponsored by the Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates and supports the work of the Multi-Door Courthouses, and the training courses offered by those institutions and by the School of Estates, Lagos.






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