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Journal of Mediation Theory and Practice Back Issues: 2021

Journal of Mediation Theory and Practice Back Issues: 2021

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The back issue(s) for the year above for the Journal - Mediation Theory and Practice.

These issues were published by Equinox Publishing and will be despatched promptly after order, sometimes separately to other items you might order.

Individual articles are also available for purchase by download separately through the title links.

Contents for 2021

First-time mediator stories - Keys to better training and mediator preparation In the first practice paper, Cathia Moon, Susan Raines and Laffon Brelland discuss the findings of an online survey carried out with 41 mediators in the United States after their first mediation with regards to how their training prepared them for their professional practice. After a brief literature review on the different training models, the authors discussed the findings, which noted that the participants voiced a desire for more observations and co-mediation of cases, or at least to be able to participate in more role-play practice.

In the second practice paper, What can different fields of mediation learn from one another and how might this inform current practice? Andrew Sims reflects on his own inter-disciplinary experience and invites mediators to expand their role and process by incorporating in their practice, when suitable, an ‘extended preparation phase’ following an initial pre-mediation meeting, and by extracting lessons from previous mediations, especially from an organ-isational level. He observes that there is much to learn from the use of mediation in other different sectors.

The study of mediation in different sectors is also the starting point of the research paper by Lesley Allport: Purpose in practice: Exploring common ground across different mediation contextsHer paper builds on the findings of her doctoral research, which explored the similarities and differences of mediation across sectors. She observes that there are more commonali-ties among sectors than what is usually acknowledged among mediators, and found that the variations in practice are as much within the sectors as between them.

Last, but not least, Brian Barry’s research paper proposes a three-step model to help workplace mediators decide on the best strategy for mediating these disputes. A strategy model for workplace mediation success His model is based on a modified version of a grid for mediation orientations developed by Professor Riskin. The model first asks the mediator to consider the nature of the dispute based on three elements and then guide the mediator to decide the approach based on two aspects of the mediation strategy: how broadly the problem should be defined and the style of mediation that the mediator should use.

Note: Complete Sets of Back Issues for the Journal up to 2023 are available here (8 issues).

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