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International Mediation: Breaking Business Deadlock

International Mediation: Breaking Business Deadlock

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International Mediation: Breaking Business Deadlock, Third Edition (previously titled: International Mediation: The Art of Business Diplomacy) is written by two of the foremost international mediation experts and practitioners. This title provides an essential guide to the effective and timely resolution of international business disputes. It provides a real picture of what happens in international mediation and how it is structured providing practical guidance to allow parties to make the best of the process.

This highly practical book provides the answers to questions the ready may have regarding the international mediation process such as:How does mediation work and what will it cost? What are the limitations? What skills are required? How long will it take? How are the outcomes enforced? How can business best use mediation? It contains case histories and practical guidance helping to put international mediation in to real situations that the reader can relate to demonstrating how and why international mediation works and why it is such a powerful tool to resolving business conflict. The authors show how to use mediation techniques as a foundation for a more purposeful, strategic approach to conflict management in organisations.

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