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Digital Mediation

Digital Mediation

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The use of digital mediation has increased over recent years, but is it becoming the new norm? How do mediators, advisers and clients get the same results out of digital mediations as they do from face to face mediations? Do new skills and mindsets need to be learnt? How do you decide whether it's the right choice for your dispute? How does digital mediation fit into the world of the Digital Justice System?

Answering these questions and many more FAQs this is the only book to focus on mediation as opposed to other means of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) such as arbitration.

Covering topics including smart systems, smart settle, use of AI, and mixed media mediations, it teaches mediators, advisers and clients the different skills and mindsets they need to be successful in the new world of digital mediation. Experience-based and full of checklists and flowcharts this book is written by a mediator who has conducted over 200 digital mediations.

Highlighting the differences between how mediations are held now and pre-pandemic, the book provides a clear message - digital mediation is here to stay and everyone involved must adapt to it making this book essential reading for all mediators.

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