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Basic Skills for the New Mediator, 2nd Edition

Basic Skills for the New Mediator, 2nd Edition

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This US book provides a detailed overview of mediation, from the premediation conference through all stages of the mediation session. It guides the new mediator through the mediation process by answering the one hundred questions most frequently asked by new mediators.

BASIC SKILLS FOR THE NEW MEDIATOR has been used successfully for self instruction and as a training manual. Experienced mediators and attorneys who represent clients in mediation will also find this book extremely useful.

The Appendix "Everything You Never Wanted to Know About the Rules of Evidence" is especially valuable for the non-attorney mediator, who must often deal with the evidentiary vocabulary of the legal profession. You will learn to establish your authority as a mediator, schedule the mediation session, deliver the mediator's opening statement, prioritize issues, preside during joint sessions, conduct private caucuses, overcome impasses, identify "hidden agenda" and "throwaway" items, deal with parties who lack settlement authority and aid parties to achieve a viable settlement.

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