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Advanced Mediation Advocacy

Advanced Mediation Advocacy

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Coming later in 2023 from Andrew Goodman.

Buy extracts from this book NOW - see links below. Article purchasers will be sent a code to use to deduct from the price of the book when it is pending. 

A must-have for all experienced advocates in mediations.

New, highly pragmatic advice in distinct sections for professionals working in mediation - building on the work of his groundbreaking Effective Mediation Advocacy.

These sections are:

  • Developing the role of the mediation advocate: professional transformation 
  • Dealing with ethical problems, including common dilemmas; 
  • Developing a more sophisticated negotiation strategy; 
  • Getting the best out of online mediation; and 
  • Preparing for and engaging in cross-border, cross-cultural or multi-party international mediation

Available as a Hardback or as an Ebook - with extracts available for purchase now. Buy any of those and the price can be deducted from the price of the book when it is released.

Extracts available for purchase for a small fee, deducted if you buy the book:

  1.  Transition in Mediation Advocacy
  2.  Mediation Advocacy in Evaluative Mediation
  3.  Appellate Mediation Schemes and Mediation Advocacy
  4.  Ethical Dilemmas in Mediation Advocacy


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