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A Walking Guide to Lawyers' London

A Walking Guide to Lawyers' London

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"... a rich, historical, and scholarly account of law, ... A must for any commonwealth lawyer." -- Global Law Review

In this illustrated volume, Andrew Goodman guides the reader around the lawyers' quarter of London on a series of walks, identifying historic and present day features and providing clear map directions.

Legal Week: Goodman’s book is a perfect mix of historical information and modern photographs. The photographs are striking in their sheer crispness. This means the book will be just as much at home on a law firm’s waiting-room table or barrister’s chambers, or in the present sack of a retiring senior partner or head of chambers, as it would be in the rucksack of an enquiring tourist with an interest in the landmarks of legal London. 

Many of the photographs capture the essential mood of familiar places in a way that can escape us when we are over-familiar with those places. The sight of New Square in the snow, for instance, conveys its timelessness to perfection. Few will have seen such striking photographs of buildings they know. Careful lighting, gentle hues and the omission from most of the photographs of any sight of wandering human beings, make it impossible not to appreciate the images for their own sake. 

The crisp photographs are complemented by a clear and unfussy prose style, carrying just the right amount of detail as to the history and context of lawyers’ London. Well-researched and well-written, it is a minefield of “bet-you-didn’t-know” information about the very places in which so many of us spend so much of our time. 

At this point in the evolution of legal services in England, this book is a timely reminder of just how beautiful many parts of what used to be the undisputed boundaries of legal London.

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