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A strategy model for workplace mediation success

A strategy model for workplace mediation success

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Brian M. Barry, TU Dublin
Keywords: workplace mediation, workplace dispute resolution, mediation strategy, mediation orientation, mediation, workplace disputes, workplace conflict, industrial relations

Abstract: This article proposes a three-step model to help workplace mediators decide on the optimum strategy for mediating workplace disputes. The model uses a grid – the Workplace Mediation Strategy Grid – which is based on a modified version of a grid Professor Leonard Riskin developed for categorising mediation orientations. The model asks the mediator to first consider the nature of the workplace dispute based on three facets of the dispute. This guides the mediator to plot a position on the Grid which represents two fundamental aspects of strategy for mediating that dispute: (1) how broadly the problem should be defined by the mediator and (2) the style of mediation that the mediator should use. The mediator implements this strategy improving the likelihood of a fair and positive outcome for the disputing parties.

Author Biography: 

Dr Brian M. Barry is a lecturer in law at Technological University Dublin and a qualified solicitor in Ireland. He researches primarily in the areas of dispute resolution, workplace law and judicial decision-making. He is the author of How Judges Judge: Empirical Insights into Judicial Decision-Making (Informa Law from Routledge, 2020).

Publication Date:  11 June 2021

Citation: Barry, B. M. . (2021). A strategy model for workplace mediation success. Mediation Theory and Practice6, 64–90.

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