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The Mediator's Toolkit

The Mediator's Toolkit

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Learn how to formulate and ask penetrating, paradigm-shifting questions for successful outcomes in any conflict. Knowing how to formulate and ask incisive questions to get to the core of a conflict, challenge entrenched thinking, and shift perspectives are the main challenge for mediators and the key to successful conflict resolution. The Mediator's Toolkit employs the author's powerful "S Questions Model," to provide readers with the skills and tools to develop and ask strategic questions that result in successful outcomes in any context.

The S Questions Model tool kit dives into four dimensions of successful questions for mediation: the subject matter dimension, the structure dimension, the information seeking dimension, and the shifting thinking dimension. The tool kit clearly explains: The theory behind each question type, including exploration of relevant neuroscience and psychologyThe purpose of different types of questionsHow the questions workWhen to use different types of questionsHow to build and apply questions to mediation in a non-threatening way. This essential practical guide will radically sharpen, focus, and improve the questioning skills of qualified mediators, students, lecturers, trainers, and those using questions to challenge and effect change, in any context.

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