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Peace Skills Set : Set Includes: Leaders' Guide, Participants' Manual

Peace Skills Set : Set Includes: Leaders' Guide, Participants' Manual

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The ONLY conflict resolution resource that looks at the religiousdimensions of conflict and peace! In the Peace Skills training package, which includes aLeaders' Guide and a Participant's Manual, expertworkshop leaders Alice and Robert Evans and Ron Kraybill (known forfor their work on the South African peace and reconciliationmovement) distill their many years of experience teachingpeace-building skills to community leaders around the world. TheLeader's Guide is designed to prepare people to lead Peace Skillsworkshops in their communities. It contains workshop designs andguidelines for teaching with role plays, case studies and sacredtexts.

The Manual is designed as a take-home resource to supportworkshop participants as they return to their communities and bothapply their mediation skills and share their insights with others. This wise resource is a powerful tool for church lay leaders andclergy, church consultants, and missionaries and internationalpeace workers.

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