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Order Out of Chaos: A Kidnap Negotiator's Guide to Influence and Persuasion

Order Out of Chaos: A Kidnap Negotiator's Guide to Influence and Persuasion

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The indispensable Sunday Times bestselling guide to succeeding in negotiations where failure is not an option, from one of the world's most experienced kidnap for ransom negotiators. Scott Walker has probably one of the most difficult jobs in the world. When pirates have hijacked a ship, when a criminal gang has kidnapped someone, when an entire company's future is being held to ransom from a cyber-attack, Scott is the person who gets called in.

He has successfully negotiated more than 300 such incidents using the principles in this book. His methods, centred in empathy, active listening, trust-based influence and emotional control, will help you achieve the outcome you want. Regardless of whether you're an executive in a multi-national organisation, the owner of a small business, a local sports team coach or running the family household, you're negotiating every single day, whether you realise it or not.

Learn the skills Scott uses to resolve life or death kidnappings all over the world - from the Niger Delta, China and the Philippines to the Middle East, Europe and Latin America - and how to apply them to your own life, at work and at home. Order Out of Chaos provides tools that cut straight to the most effective way of communicating, particularly in times of crisis, change and uncertainty.

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