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Online webcam mediation

Online webcam mediation

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Stephen G. Anderson, Start Mediation

Keywords: Mediation

Abstract: This article examines an online–in-person hybrid mediation involving a 52-year-old senior police officer and her 72-year-old semi-retired artist husband, who were separating after a 30-year marriage. The meetings took place in 2014 and 2015, around 3 years after I had conducted my first online mediation. The details have been anonymised.

Author Biography: 

Stephen practised as a solicitor from 1994 to 2012. He now works full-time as a mediator, having also trained in the civil, community, elder and workplace processes. He developed a special interest in online dispute resolution, and has been working as an online mediator since 2012. Stephen was involved in the development of the Family Mediation Council’s Guidance for Online Video Mediation, published in 2016.

Publication Date:  23 December 2020

Citation: Anderson, S. G. (2020). Online webcam mediation. Mediation Theory and Practice5, 63–68.

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