Mediation Publishing - A New Name, but an Experienced Team

Mediation Publishing grew out of XPL Publishing - itself originally CLT Publishing - with a history of over 30 years of publishing in law and associated areas. The team behind Mediation Publishing has even longer in this field - around 40 years in the case of the most experienced of us. Directors include professionals who practice, train and mediate as well as publishers.

Our goal is to make available a range of mediation resources to all working in the field - and some fun ones too. Mediation should not be feared by participants, and should be welcomed by professionals. Our mediation list started with Effective Mediation Advocacy by Andrew Goodman - THE pioneer of advocacy in mediation. But he has also written books for students and lay participants. 

We are committed to providing the right information for all constituencies, at appropriate prices and in formats that users want. If you have ideas for projects that suit the ethos - we'd love to hear from you.